1. nihilism!

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sketch by ivan brunetti

Do you ever wonder why we're here? Or feel that if everything is meaningless, why do anything? Or we'll all be gone eventually so who cares? I don't mean to bum you out right from the get-go, but if I can't figure out an answer to "why bother?" then how can there be a second episode? (Spoiler alert: There will be a second episode.)


Theme includes sample of Run to You by Buke & Gass. Check them out! Intro background music is a song by Múm.

schizo medly

of writing by Ivan Brunetti. Performed by Mike Wood.

ivan brunetti interview

He's an award-winning cartoonist and if they gave awards for nihilism, he'd have a shelf-full of those too.


A mouse's dilemma. Performed by Larry Butler.

i don't want to mow the lawn

plane crash follies

A woman muses on the way down. Performed by Eileen Hsi.

ryan time!

With Ryan Ridley of the hilarious Grandma's Virginity Podcast.


Dan Kaufman wraps it all up with a pretty bow.


By Carl Sandburg, performed by Larry Butler.


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